“Real Housewives?”

By Victoria Latu

This was a fun day and also the day S and I realised that we had to start taking people behind the scenes of stuff that get up to. Sometimes we are so tired and delirious getting everything done, things just turn funny. Before we start a project we “think” we have an idea of what the shoot is going to be like or what the episode is going to turn out like. But  it never goes like we thought!  We almost watch the development and progression of every project and idea like our audience. It surprises us every time!

So here is a peak behind the scenes video from photo shoot session of promos for season 2 of “The V&S Show” a shoot that was supposed to turn out one way but we think turned out even better. Moral of the story? Sometimes you’ve got to let go and let things and life unfurl and see what happens … trust.

Hope you like :)

Love V.