How to Create a TV Show From Scratch: V&S Film & Production 101

By Sasha Fedorovsky

Victoria and I are very excited to introduce our documentary series ‘Making It’ which will air 9PM on Monday, beginning from the 6th of July 2015 on channel 44 (C.31 Melbourne).

Since we started ‘The V&S Show’ we’ve had all sorts of questions from friends, followers and even industry professionals about how we put together elements of the show. The TV and entertainment industry is not an easy one to crack and most of it, you learn from being on the job or from other people. Creating ‘Making It’ allows us to answer many questions that we get asked and also serves as an informal way to help other producers, hosts, creative’s and fame hunters (we know you’re out there).

V and I try and provide some genuine insight into what we’ve been through so far in our efforts to make our dream a reality, rather than just glamorizing the experience. We don’t shy away from talking about funding and the reality of the TV industry in Australia, as well as providing some insight into our personal lives, including times we wanted to give up when all doors seem to slam shut.

In V&S style, we also provide you with some behind the scenes goss about the celebrities we have well as our opinions on working with  each other!

We also wanted our audience to get to know us a bit better through this project… and for those interested to keep following our journey in to the future with us :)

Here is a snip bit from the series that covers TV Production 101 – V&S style.




S. xo

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