The Lingerie Boutique with Chanel Costabir

By Victoria Latu

As we get closer to the next installment in the Adventures of Victoria and Sasha aka The V&S Show (and many more surprises to do with the way we present, package and provide our content- please stay tuned for this!!) We decided to re release some footage from our pilot season to slowly warm our way back into hosting and producing a weekly TV show and to remind you guys of all the fun segments and hopefully get you excited for the next series. Can’t wait!

S and I and our small but insanely amazing team have spent the last couple of months with our laptops intravenously attached to our arms researching, typing, retyping, shooting event packages, hosting and emceeing blah blah… basically working on other aspects of V&S Media and we are SO excited to be finally getting back to our first love which is hosting and producing the show .

Sometimes it’s good to let things be for a while and then come back to it with fresh eyes- give anything in life some time and space and you are inevitably handed a fresh perspective.

But I digress… this particular segment of AMNFP is with an amaze balls young woman Chanel Costabir, she proves that being sexy AND smart is a great formula for success. And yes her sexy and classy lingerie will surely make you rethink what you wear underneath your clothes. Because what if you got hit by a bus like your Grandma feared?!

You can find the Lingerie boutique … Thank us later boys and girls ☺

As always, love