V and S in trouble with the law! :)

By Victoria Latu

This cold winter morning in Melbourne, whilst trying to get some work done and minding our business, we got some news that warmed us right up and might do the same for you. You see, the brilliant piece of cinema that was the movie MAGIC MIKE is getting a sequel and wait for it … it is going to be called MAGIC MIKE XXL!!

Now I don’t know about you but I think I might avoid downloading this one and put in the effort of going to the movies and seeing it on the big screen.



But I digress, all this reminded me of a segment we did the last season on the show when the first MAGIC MIKE was released and some ladies wrote in and wanted to know the MAGIC MIKE equivalent in Melbourne.

Sometimes, in the name of research we at the V&S headquarters like to try stuff out and bring you back the details or at least take you on the ride with us and help answer you questions.

So, here is what happened last time we were researching and got a visit from the “law” ☺

PS… A big thanks to the guys at Hunkamania!