V&S Episode: “In her Closet” with Gabi Grecko

By Victoria Latu

Extra extra read all about it… in this case “watch” it. Timing they say is everything, but in this case I say timing is pretty ironic actually ( if you are following the “current affair” investigations) *cough

Much has been said about the lady in question… Gabi Grecko. Honestly, the whole situation seems a bit odd. But before we put on our judgy pants and deliver a verdict, take a look at our chat with Gabi.

We do a segment called “In her Closet” ( yes pun intended) our guests get to chat about their favourite clothes and at the same time we get to know more of what they are really like by taking a more personal approach, hence the getting in “your closet” thing.

Gabi came into the studio on time and with a great attitude. Answered all our questions honestly and was forthcoming with most things she was asked. I personally left that interview different opinion about this lady. What struck me the most is how vulnerable and sensitive… yet determined she was? In the very least we all agreede we saw a different side to what is often portrayed in the noise of the tabloids…

Take a look… what do you think?


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Videography/editing: Lavina Harte-  www.ihartemedia.com.au