V&S EPISODE: MasterChef’s Byron Finnerty makes the perfect date meal

By Victoria Latu

Byron Finnerty’s Perfect Date Meal Recipe

Cured salmon and Citrus salad

50g of salmon cut into 8g pieces

45g sugar
55g salt
500g water
creme fraiche
100g creme fresh
1/4 bunch of dill chopped finely
1/2 zest of 1 lemon
1Tbl lemon juice
season to taste
1/2 lemon segmented
1/2 blood orange segmented
1/4 bunch snow pea shoots
1/4 fennel route
1/4 apple green julienne
bulls blood lettuce leaf


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Byron Finnerty Masterchef, Victoria Latu, Sasha Fedorovsky, The V&S Show

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