We are back! plus a snip-bit from our doco-series “Making It”

By Victoria Latu

Wow! Six months down … I guess time flies when you’re having fun. S and I took some time get re-enegised and refresh creatively. But although we took our foot of the pedal (and tried to live our lives a little) we never really stopped working and planning the next stage of our evolution… and man is the next stage SUPER exciting!! But more on that later!!

So, I say all that to say… before moving to the next stage, it’s always good to look back on everything we have learnt so far. And we did this by making a mini doco series about our journey so far.

This is the first clip from our mini documentary “Making It” . We delve into the ins and outs of breaking into television in Australia, the changing landscape of media and of course our personal journey so far. Keep an eye out for more clips over the next coming weeks!

PS … we have missed you! :)