Working on our fitness…

By Victoria Latu

Don’t feel too bad all that shit is arbitrary anyway… if you want to make a change you can make it at anytime of day and anywhere, January 1st is just a date on the calendar! So don’t be too hard on yourself.

But I digress… the thing is all this reminds me of when I wanted to give fitness a red hot go and Sasha found the concept so funny (since I’m strictly a hot yoga girl and weights actually scare me) she decided that we do a weights session as a segment on the show to show case how inept I am. I agreed and of course hilarity ensued.

Check it out the vid above.

Having said all that… I have decided to get super healthy and fit this year (seriously) amp it up a notch and we have got some fun things planned to share with you. So keep checking in with us.

Also if  you have any great ways to kick start the fitness mindset or something that has worked for you (or some one you know) or if you just want V&S to “explore” a fad or exercise trend. Email us

Until then loads of love,