7 things you need to know about Sweden – For the Ladies!

By Sasha Fedorovsky

If the only thing you can associate with Sweden is Ikea, then my friend let me enlighten you! I was once like you and had no knowledge of this amazing country, even though I had travelled far and wide; Scandinavia just wasn’t on my radar. For some reason Australians just don’t really travel there, possibly because it’s always cold and our dollar doesn’t really go too far, but don’t let putting on a cardigan in summer stop you from experiencing the land of the blonde and the beautiful!!

I’ve put together some key insights I discovered about Sweden to help paint a picture of this quirky country and inspire your curiosity to book your next trip…


1. They are perfect…


Now that’s a strong statement, but if countries were people you went to school with then Sweden would be the tall genetically blessed kid, that was super smart and managed to balance their life perfectly and get along with everyone else in the processes. Swedish people are so perfect that they are bored of their own perfection and very low key about how fabulous they are… that’s part of what makes the Swedish so perfect! When you arrive in Sweden you notice how efficiently the country runs – miles ahead of the rest of Europe. The people are super friendly, service is on point, food is fresh and healthy, education and healthcare is free, everybody recycles – and they recycle so well that they have to import waste (to use as fuel)! Sweden is truly ahead of the game when it comes to government policies, work life balance, equal rights and education. Aside from all these wonderful facts, the thing that initially strikes you about Sweden is how damn good looking everyone is! As a cherry on the cake the Swedes also know how to dress.

Yup, that’s Sweden :)


2. Home of the ‘man bun’…


If you’re a sucker for a man bun and not partial to a beard, well then girl you’ll be a kid in a candy store! Sweden is all about long blonde hair, maybe it’s a tradition past on from their Viking ancestors or just because it looks hot…either way the style works! Swedish men do indeed know how to rock long hair, often contained in a super sexy and effortless man bun. If you’re not a fan of long hair on a bloke then you’re about to be converted…but be warned you will also experience a side of hair envy to accompany your lust!


3. Speak better English then ‘Straya mate…


If you’re worried about language barriers in Sweden then you will be pleasantly surprised that pretty much everyone speaks fluent English (in a very clear, sexy Swedish accent). There are also very few cultural barriers, Swedish people understand Aussie sarcasm and they get our humor (far better than Americans…sorry guys). It’s not just about speaking the same language but actually understanding each other and having good chat and Swedish blokes tick all these boxes remarkably well.


4. When he takes off his pants…


You may be surprised, you may be shocked but most likely you will giggle with amusement! It’s a thing in Sweden that men wear colourful, tight undies. Don’t expect to see a pair of your standard black or white CK briefs, get ready for some crazy, abstract prints and possibly even a superhero or two (kind of like the kids section). The most surprising thing about this trend is that Swedish fashion is highly practical and favors neutral colours above anything else. This quirky trend summarises the culture up quite nicely, in that Swedish people don’t like to stand out and they may even appear quite shy at first, but once you unravel a few layers there is a whole lot of personality underneath!


5. Popping Bottles…


Swedish people are some of the most entertaining and funniest drunk people you will ever see, they love their vodka and rose however most of it ends up on the floor (you will know what I mean if you have been clubbing with them). Swedes love to pop a bottle or ten, however they are not so good at holding their drink and things tend to get crazy, which makes for a very entertaining night out! There is also a huge tax on alcohol in Sweden – so it ain’t cheap. Drinking isn’t an everyday activity but when the Swedes do it they do it to get drunk! So, if the Swedish people you are hanging out with seem a little reserved organize a bottle and expect the unexpected!


6. Feminism is real


Feminism is alive and kicking in Sweden. The only thing more surprising about Sweden than the beautiful men is the strong kick ass women! The women of Sweden are far from the ditzy stereotype; these women are fierce and have very strong feminist values. If you can defer your attention from the beautiful men for a few minutes make conversation with a Swedish woman and ask her about her views, you will not be disappointed!

For the blokes reading this and wanting some insight on Swedish women; be warned they are very different to the girls in American movies (you know the exchange student I’m talking about). For example most Swedish girls dress for comfort, opting for a pair of sneakers and minimal makeup on a night out. Above all Swedish women hate sexism and are unlikely to even let a guy buy them a drink, however they aren’t shy about approaching a man. Gender equality is at it’s strongest in Sweden then any other country I’ve visted. There are far more women in management and men get equal paternal leave, so it’s common to see a group of dads out during the week with their bubs…real life daddy daycare.


7. Bro-mance is off the charts


Straight men kiss each other. Open mouth, tongue, in the club. It’s not a common site in Australia to see two hetro mates snogging, however it’s pretty common in Sweden. It was a little confusing at first but this country is all about gender equality and if it’s normal for two girls to kiss for a bit of fun and attention then the same goes for the boys. Yup, most Swedish blokes have French-kissed one of their mates at some point (usually fuelled by popping bottles).





Love S. xx




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