21st Century Education with Jamie McIntyre

By Victoria Latu

I’m friends with Jamie and I really like him. He is a generous and kind and is always quick to offer up some great advice. After numerous business and career conversations, I decide to share him with our “The V&S Show” audience.

I am a big believer in women feeling capable around cash (trust me this wasn’t always the case for me) and I probably have some more work to do, but I no longer feel incompetent when it comes to business. S and I have had a MASSIVE financial learning curve over the last year or so. We have learnt and grown a lot and have decided to share the love, knowledge and connections through our “Man is not a financial plan segment” ☺ (I know the ladies out there get our drift ☺)

This is a brief interview with Jamie McIntyre himself… it gives you a brief over view on what he thinks are to the staples of a healthy financial life.

Which are:

1. Figure out what it is you want (basically get a vision)
2. Model success (look around, find people that have what you want and try to figure out what they might have done to get it)
3. Be like NIKE and just do it! Start, begin, do something… anything!

Trust us…. there is magic in just starting!

Keep checking in with us, S and I are on a mission to bring you information and fun insights.

Enjoy the clip.

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Love, V