V&S explore Pole Dancing

By Victoria Latu

Pole Dancing…

I am an active person and very much Iike to keep fit, but aside from going for long walks and bikram yoga now and then… I don’t really do exercise. I believe that consistency in being active is the key and not how strenuous the exercise trend of the moment might be.

S on the other hand seems to be possessed by the “fitness spirit” this is the only way I can truly describe it to you… and she is forever coming up of new injuries and fitness tips to entertain me with at the office (just one of the many reasons I love her so)

So, whilst preparing for an exercise segment for our new season of “The V&S Show”, we went to a premium pole dancing school in Melbourne, to do some research (for the record, the ladies at Pole Divas are no joke) I have a new found respect for “the pole” and what it takes to freaking climb that thing!

Apart from being a highly entertaining afternoon and shoot (I have never seen our camera guys work so hard to get a good shot *side eye) I can report back and say that 30 minutes in that class worked out my little butt to the bone and S and I left feeling … extra sexy

As promised here is your access behind the scenes. I should also mention that the ladies (coaches) are talented, caring and amazing! If you have ever contemplated trying out a class … go for it!

I have tagged them (Pole Divas on The V&S show FB page) so you can easily find a location close to you.
Thank me later people ☺

Love, V