Circa – The Deck

By Victoria Latu

Circa has become somewhat of an iconic landmark in Melbourne. The restaurant is outstanding, the atmosphere opulent yet not exclusionary or stiff… and that my friends is a very difficult thing to achieve with a venue.

This summer The Deck (aptly named since it is literally the deck upstairs) unveiled a summer series that will run from the start of summer till April. It comes complete with cabanas, a pool, popular DJ’s,  and the “lounging by the pool” vibe that is tres popular in Vegas, Los Angeles and many European islands but has eluded Melbourne… well, that is until now.

S and I got to catch up with friend and funny man Nick Giannopolous who is responsible for bringing  the SKYY POOL Vodka event series to Circa- The Deck for the summer.

I sometimes forget how funny he can get! This is just little bit of what went down J

Love, V