Forever Curious – Are you?

By Victoria Latu

Last week during Melbourne Spring Fashion Week (MSFW), which I should mention was amazing; an array of designers both new and established unveiled their new collections and made this beautiful city of Melbourne proud. It’s true what they say Melbourne gives good fashion…

But I digress…  For this V&S Explore post I want to tell you about the Forever Curious campaign regularly run by The Age newspaper. This campaign encourages people to ”look beyond the obvious to discover how things may not always be what they seem”… and in doing so you might get handsomely rewarded. Ok, so obviously being “rewarded” automatically means I’m in… sticking my nose in places could actually work in my favor this time.

For this MSFW13 installment of the campaign, readers of The Age were given clues in paper which lead them to the “Tailor”. The Tailor was located at the Fashion Hub at City Square on Swanston Street.

The “Tailor” was easy to spot, he was surrounded by fashion props, film crew, photographers and bloggers, but it did take a dose of curiosity and confidence for people to approach him because a condition of entry required that you were to be followed by paparazzi!

Once readers approached the tailor and winners selected, they were escorted into Melbourne Town Hall, where they met with up and coming Melbourne designers Jolet and Kuwaii who were to be a creating bespoke fashion piece for the winners to enjoy.  How decadent! Obviously, the bespoke pieces were limited, but there were a number of great runners up prizes in the form of VIP fashion tickets and/or pieces from the designers’ fashion lines to give away. So everyone one that participated was well rewarded for their “curiosity”.

In the words of Andrew Holden (Editor in Chief, The Age) “Inspiring stories are all around us, just waiting to be discovered. Yet it’s only those with a curious mind that will uncover them”

#WORD! as the cool kids would say.  I love that quote so much because it was one of the reasons the “V&S Explore” section was created. To explore things of interest around us and bring back that experience for our audience.

PS… my sources tell me that there will be another bold, and massively rewarding “curiosity” experience being unveiled in the next couple of months, so I suggest we all get curious people!

Also, I will love to know what you guys think of the campaign and V&S Explore in general. And let us know what you would like us to explore.