Lavazza Italian Film Festival Gala Opening

By Sasha Fedorovsky

V and I were lucky enough to be invited to the Lavazza Italian Film Festival gala opening in Melbourne. We got to mingle with the stunning Australian supermodel and film festival ambassador Nicole Trunfio, who has scored a role in an upcoming Italian film. We also had a chat with gorgeous international film star Clara Ponsot. The French actress performed her first Italian-speaking role, now that’s talent! What I loved about Clara was how natural she was, from her fresh face to her casual demeanor, its always refreshing to meet someone in the limelight who is so down to earth (coz it ‘aint always like that).

Lavazza always know how to put on a party in style but the night wasn’t just about celebrity spotting, expresso martinis, delicious cheese, prosciutto…Mmm should have taken a doggie bag… Lets talk about the key focus – the film!

Nicole Trunfio putting her barista hat on


Actress Diana Glenn Fashion Designer Yeojin BaeFrench-Italian actress Clara Ponsot Jacob Luppino and Anthony Pittorino from J'Aton

I’m not generally much of a movie buff, but I do love an Art House or International flick that is a little bit unusual. I think if you are going to give up 2 hours of your life sitting still in a dark room, you need to leave feeling, happier, inspired, emotion, having learned something or even questioning your status qou. The opening night film was no exception.

I can’t describe to you what ‘The Great Beauty’ was about because it is impossible and to be honest the plot wasn’t a main feature. That may sound strange because we are so used to Hollywood movies, but what this type of film does is take you on a sensory journey to Rome and into the lives of characters that you may relate to or never meet in your wildest dreams. After some confusion and reflection, V and I both agreed we liked it.

I genuinely encourage you to get your Italiano on and see at least 1 film during the festival.

Why you ask?

Well, because Italian culture sees life as beautiful, they see sexiness in imperfection, humor in life’s odd outcomes and a sense of joy and love of life in even the worst situations. Foreign films are one of the best ways of understanding a culture and seeing your own view of the world in a new light. If you’re still not sold just go for the sexy scenes and unpredictable plot lines!

film fest2

The Italian Film Festival is on until the end of October and up to November in some states, so make sure you get your cultured self there, even if its just an excuse to have a perve or drink way more wine than you should on a school night. You will be richer for the experience.


S.  xox

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