Melbourne’s GPO Presents Muse 2013 Launch Party

By Victoria Latu

It is a well known fact that Melbourne knows how to do fashion and last week S and I got to check out our city doing what it does best (I should say there are many many fabulous places and things about Melbourne – and we will be showing you some of that too, but in the spirit of fashion week lets focus on the fashion)

So, we went to Melbourne’s GPO Muse 2013 A/W Launch Party presented by Harpers Bazaar… and let me tell you Melbourne and the event as a whole delivered. People were in their fashionable best, champagne free flowing, new collections on display and my retired credit card came out of retirement … fark!

If you weren’t there… hopefully you get to feel like you were, when you watch the clip below(that is always the aim with V&S :) )

PS if you do get a chance check out Melbourne’s GPO

Love, V