Summer is here!!

By Victoria Latu

Well it’s officially summer… in Melbourne! And boy the city comes alive in the summer (well the whole of Australia does actually) but I believe Melbourne more so. There is just so much going on here. The season kicks of with the Melbourne Cup and the events just keep rolling in from the Polo, to the Tennis (Australian Open), the Grand Prix, Fashion week and loads more that V&S will be “exploring” this summer.

This also gives me a perfect excuse to put in some summer fashion inspo images (because mama loves a two piece) and a cute video of a night out a couple of weeks ago with our gorgeous girl Dasha (aka The Trendspotter) check out their coolness right here. And of course a sweet thank you to PR maiden (HRPR) Helen Reizer and our new and super talented team member Katarina Minchenko!

Happy summer everyone xo


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