Thirsty Camel, Mick Molloy and The Beer O’clock Project

By Victoria Latu

Last week S and I went to a fun event called the Beer O’clock Project which was to encourage all Australians to vote on when they think Beer O’clock should actually be…it doesn’t matter if your drink of choice is beer, wine, champagne, cider… or water! The term ‘Beer O’Clock’ is so ingrained our local culture and yet there’s no national consensus on when this actually is. Thirsty Camel wanted to put that to rest this month once and for all.

Mick Molloy was on hand to make the official announcement, and there was a raft of other VIP guests in attendance and legendary Aussie band, the Screaming Jets, performed.

So the moment we have all been waiting for … the official “beer o’clock “time was voted on and….. drum roll please…. the beer o’clock time is 5pm! NOooooooo!

Yeah… Well, we thought that 12pm was a better time for “beer o’clock”… and Mick Molloy agreed with us and actually wanted to set himself on fire in protest – his words not mine.

Check out the video and pics from this fun shindig.

Beer O'Clock VIP Party_Victoria Latu and Sasha Fedorovsky Beer O'Clock VIP Party_Leah Grinter & Travis Myerscough Beer O'Clock VIP Party_Mick Molloy Beeroclock beeroclock2 Beer O'Clock VIP Party_Ben Ridgwell & Tegan Higginbotham