The Year That was …

By Victoria Latu

To say that 2014 was an intense year would be a profound understatement! The time just vanished… but I guess it was because we had such a jam packed year. We learnt ALOT professionally and of course… personally

So to celebrate the end of a fantastic and VERY eventful year I have decided to empty out all the (*appropriate) pics from my personal phone and make a post out of it. Because to be honest most of the better stuff happens when people are of guard and being real! Like when Laurena Fleur was teaching me how to do a flawless car selfie #fail! or seeing my mate Xfactors Jason Heerah finally getting the recognition he deserves for his talents this year, ¬†and all the “crazy” that went down at the races this year! ha!

But mostly, I want to use this post as thank you note to every new person that has come into our lives in 2014… our team (Lavina, Stephine, Shamima, Deana…) our guests, once strangers now considered friends and of course my partner in crime and sister from another mister Sasha. You… Us … can not be put to words :)

I am blogging this just as I’m about to board my flight to Los Angeles for a well deserved break. Yay!

You can keep up with S and I on Instragram over the break… :)

On that note, I want to wish all our new friends, collegues, clients, family and loved ones (you know who you are ;)) the warmest, kindest and lovliest of holidays 2014 would have been the amazeballs year it was without you all and may 2015 bring forth our deepest desires!!!

Loads of love to you all!




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See you in 2015 lovers! xox