Trade Secret. The Stores…

By Victoria Latu

Last week I was invited to attend the opening of a new store opening in Melbourne. I was told that this store was unlike any other we currently have in Melbourne. Oooohhhh BIG CALL…

Let me report that we were all pleasantly surprised. You see the store aptly called Tradesecret is quiet unlike anything we currently have in Melbourne. That part is tots true.

Chlelsea from Iheartbargains

Pictured beautiful mama-to-be Chelsea from (host and stylist for the evening) and the very stylish blooger and now new friend Sakhino.

So what’s the secret? Glad you asked… the store(s) works under the premise that a team of buyers deal directly with top brand fashion houses and suppliers from Australia and all over the world, they source fashion, home wares and accessories, passing their savings on to customers who will save up to 60 per cent on current season items. (Seriously I bought a genuine Michael Kors trench coat at 60% off and some seriously sexy designer lingerie even cheaper!) And I am still eyeing a pair of designer heels. Lord help me!

In addition, store stock changes daily, and their team buy close to the market, so there’s always a new range of current season items from the hottest brands to discover in store. The range is merchandised into garment type and size so that customers can be easily guided as they explore.

So, now that the “secret” is out…you can go check it out.

The first store, located opposite Fountain Gate, opened on the 22nd of August and a second store opens  in Broadmeadows on Thursday 12 September. Additional Victorian stores are expected to open in late 2013 and early 2014.

Would love to know what you guys think of the store(s). Drop us a note in the comment section below after your visit.

Love V.

Things I should have kept a “secret” from my credit card.

Trade Secret Diesel Black Boots RRP $49.95

Diesel wedge heels $69 bucks… boom!