V is for Vacation! My take on Hamilton Island

By Victoria Latu

Bye 2013… Glad to see you go and truly ready for a fresh start. And what could be fresher than starting 2014 with a mini- cation on Hamilton Island?

Not only is this island truly gloriously beautiful… there is so much to see and do! We didn’t know where to start. There is diving in the great Barrier Reef (a must if you haven’t done it!) or a choice of snorkeling for the faint at heart. It was on my bucket list so I HAD to do it. The amazing (but not easy hiking trails) but the breathtaking views make it well worth it in the end. The beautiful beaches everywhere you look and tons of beach activities (beach activity equipment such as the paddle boards, canoes etc) come free with most hotel bookings, so don’t forget to ask the concierge if you go. And then there are the beautiful restaurants and late night concerts. Voila!

I did EVERYTHING from feeding a crocodile, and hiking for hours, sunbathing, sunset drinks at the gorgeous Yacht club (spectacular views) to diving in the Great Barrier Reef, and eating enough oysters that I might have wiped them out from the Island! Oh you also get to drive a buggy to get around the island , which I found quite entertaining…

Heads up though… things could get pricey and in my opinion this is more of a  ”romantic” island rather than a “party” island.. if you get my drift.

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But for now here are some from my mini- cation… Enjoy!

PS Click on images for a clearer view

Happy 2014,


Victoria Latu Jump

Victoria Latu Barrier Reef
Just after my dive!

Victoria Latu Swimwear

Victoria Latu Hiking
At the top of Passage Peak the view was breathtaking (click on the image for a larger view)

Victoria Latu Instagram
Sunset drinks and ballet at the Yacht Club (check out that sunset!)

Yatch Club Victoria Latu

Whitehaven on Sand Victoria Latu Victoria Latu Whitehaven BeachVictoria Latu Paddle Board VictoriaLatu and Hamilton Island VictoriaLatu and KoalaVictoria Latu Oysters